Kodii's Civ4 Chronicles

Adventures are a new product of Realms Beyond when Civ4 was released. Like the epics, the adventures are variant games. Unlike the epics, these games are run at Normal or Quick speed. The Epics are run at Epic speed. The same rules apply to the Adventures. Below are the reports to my adventure games. Please enjoy!

Adventure One - Brave New World
Adventure Two - The Frozen Jungle
Adventure Three - Binding of the Three
Adventure Four - Hatshepsut's Heiroglyphics
Adventure Five - Waiting for Godot
Adventure Six - The Cradle of Civilization
Adventure Seven - The Warlords
Adventure Eight - The French Revolution
Adventure Nine - Stagnation
Adventure Ten - Legionnaire
Adventure Eleven – Divided We Fall
Adventure Twelve - Catherine
Adventure Thirteen - Sixth Column
Adventure Fourteen - King of India
Adventure Fifteen - The French Riviera
Adventure Sixteen - Let it Snow!

Warlords One - Impi Zisshun
Warlords Two - The Worst Form of Government