Kodii's Civ4 Chronicles

Epic Eight - Potluck

Epic Eight is a repeat of the eighth epic for Civilization III. This epic opened on August 28, 2006.


Such a big event like Potluck deserves a big report. Therefore, here is my first multi-page report!

I was extremely excited to receive my file. Which civilization would I receive? America? Rome? Japan? Egypt? England? China? Mali? Arabia?

....I opened my inbox and downloaded the save. The savename said it all. Egypt. Great. Egypt for two epics in a row. I wasn't really excited until I actually began the game. And so I opened the save, and saw my starting position:

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The first thing I noticed was that I had two warriors. Was this a mistake? I also noticed that my starting position was rather decent. I didn't like the jungles so close, but I knew there would be more fertile land on the other sides. I founded Thebes on the spot, and began researching Animal Husbandry while I began work on a worker. This was my plan: EXPAND EXPAND EXPAND! I knew this was a pangaea map with eight civilization cramped on it and I couldn't declare war until 1000 BC. I had to expand now, especially since I did not plan on getting into any wars anytime soon. The hut just south of Thebes gave me Fishing. It was useless at the moment, but its better than nothing. The next hut gave me 39 G. The third hut finished off Animal Husbandry for me. Is it just me, or are there a lot of huts?

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This message always makes me laugh. A source of horse. Before long, I found more huts. The first gave me Mining. The second popped barbs. Well, barb. Soon after, I ran into Lizzy. Then Mansa, then Mao and then I founded Buddhism. Besides quick expansion, my plan was also to use religion diplomatically. Before long, I ran into Saladin, and picked up 41G from a hut. Roosevelt was next, then Julius and last but not least, Tokugawa. Even before founding me first city, Machiavelli rated me as the largest nation. This must be a good sign! My first settler was built, and I founded Memphis just east of Thebes to have access to Copper, Corn and Rice. Of course, I needed a border pop.

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Also notice that I am first in score, by quite a bit and Saladin just founded Hinduism. Saladin would prove to be an obstacle to my plan for a peaceful victory. My next city to be founded was Heliopolis, just north of Thebes, to challenge Mansa Musa's Djenne. My third city, Elephantine, was founded north-west of Thebes to grab corn, cattle and gold in its big fat cross. Of course I was neglecting my military. Herodotus said that I was the least powerful nation. Soon after, I discovered Code of Laws, and Confucianism was founded in Heliopolis. This was nice in fighting my battle against Djenne. In 640 BC, I captured the barbarian city of Alemanni. It was in a nice spot, beside floodplains and ivory, so I kept it, and thus ended my expansion phase.

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