Kodii's Civ4 Chronicles


I bought Civilization 4 shortly after it was released in Canada, but was only able to play a few short games because of school. I did, however, manage to find the time to lurk around the forums at Realms Beyond. The first game I managed to play, although not to completion was Epic One - The Honorable French. I then went on to incompletely play most of the other games, without reporting them. Finally, school was out and I found the time to nearly complete Epic Five, which I felt compelled to report. Now comes a turn in my Civ4 playing days, as I plan to complete as many RB Epics and Adventures as I can, and make full length reports to accompany them. I also hope to go back and play all the games I missed, and report them as well. Furthermore, I also hope to provide links to other people's reports. So here it is, my reporting site. Feel free to take a look around, and thank you for your time!


Recent Updates

09-25-06 : Added Adventure 13 Report

09-15-06 : Added links to SGs RB23-25 and RBW1

09-04-06 : Added Epic Seven Report

09-02-06 : Happy Birthday Sirian! Added MP Report Impossible Odds

08-31-06 : Added Results to Adventure Nine and Ten, Added link to Gusto Galley

08-30-06 : Added links - Bulwark, Dreylin, Mucco, Pling, Regoarrarr, ThERat, Uberfish

08-27-06 : Added Epic Six Report

08-21-06 : Added Epic Eight, Added MP Report : Old World vs. New World

08-16-06 : Added Recent Updates to the Index. Added more links to the Links page, but then screwed something up and deleted half of them. Added MP and SGs pages